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Helsingin Sanomat

Interview 6.4.2020
The singers decided to take the Johannes Passion despite the exceptional time – the performance will be heard live from Kallio Church.

Kirkko ja Kaupunki

Interview 6.4.2020
St John Passion has a minimum number of performers at a safe distance from each other – “I like this chamber music approach”.

Satakunnan Kansa

Interview 14.2.2020
Baritone Aarne Pelkonen grew up in a large Lestadian family in Rauma – Life had to change in many ways before he became an opera singer singing about love.

Turun Sanomat

Concert review 4.2.2020
Aarne Pelkonen and his band brought summer to the Katedraali soi Week.

Satakunnan Kansa

Interview 6.8. 2019
“What the heck, how can I sing these?” wondered baritone Aarne Pelkonen, who empathizes with the text on childbirth at Rauma Festivo.

Satakunnan Kansa

Review. The trip is calling. Pori Teljä Church 4.8.2019
“Aarne Pelkonen’s use of voice was top notch.”


Interview 21.7. 2019
Aarne Pelkonen, 33, left the old-fashioned Lestadian movement and is now a successful singer in Germany: “I wanted to do a job that conviction doesn’t allow”.

Suomen Kuvalehti

Risto Nordell’s review of the Haavekuvia album 7.6.2019
“Aarne Pelkonen’s summer songs work”

Huomenta Suomi

Interview 14.5.2019
The revival movement changed to opera stages.


Interview 28.1.2019
Growing up in an old-fashioned Lestadian family, Aarne sings the lead role in the National Opera.


Interview 20.1.2019
Awakening or an opera?


Interview 17.1.2019
Aarne Pelkonen left lestadianism, became an opera singer and moved on to great emotions.